We're Here to Help!

PBi is run by a team of volunteers. These women give up time with their families because they love PBi and our mission. They want you to succeed, and they want to help as much as possible! But since we are not a slick corporation with paid employees working 24/7, there may be a delay in response at times.

Please allow them to spend their weekends and holidays with their families. But Monday through Friday, we will respond as quickly as possible to all inquiries (within 24 hours or less)!

Who to contact

Course Administrator
Courtney Tomasian

Courtney will make sure that you are enrolled in the right course, and will be reviewing your assignments. She is here to answer detailed questions about the course materials, and be your general guide through the coursework.

CourseAdmin@PlacentaBenefits.info, 888.956.9724 x706

Program Coordinator/Course Administrator
Joanne Fortuna

Joanne helps our students through the final portion of the coursework, and helps them transition from their role as student to Specialist.

Coordinator@PlacentaBenefits.info, 888.956.9724 x712

IT Support

  • Please review the Tips for Success section and implement those suggestions before contacting Support.
  • Yahoo email addresses are not allowed as a valid email address for a student account. (They block our emails and cause too many issues.)
  • Please sign up for a free email address from Gmail if you do not have an alternate email address to sign up with.
If you feel there is a technical problem with one of the courses, or you are having trouble with your account, please email Support@PlacentaBenefits.info.

Thank you for choosing PBiU! We are very excited to have you here, expanding on your postnatal education.

We also look forward to having you join the PBi Network of Specialists once you finish the course. PBi membership helps you start off with your new services FAST, gives you ongoing educational opportunities, and connects you with other Specialists around the world. We'd love to have you join the team.

Jodi Selander
Placenta Benefits LTD