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PBi is not only a training organization, but we also help our members launch their placenta encapsulation business.

Member benefits vary by level, from a simple listing in our Provider Directory (which gets 500,000 hits every month from mothers looking for a Specialist), to absolutely everything PBi can offer a new Placenta Encapsulation Specialist  - promotion, support, wholesale supplies.... and access to resources like you'll find right here (forms and waivers to run your business, presentations and informational flyers to share with your clients, etc). If you're interested in becoming a member of PBi, please check out the benefits available here or contact our Specialist Liaison to review what option would be best for you. 

If you're already a member and want access to these resources, our Specialist Liaison can get you the access you need!

Welcome to PBi’s network of Placenta Encapsulation Specialists!

This module will explain how to prepare placenta for postpartum recovery... and beyond!