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  • PBi Placenta Encapsulation Specialists┬«

    Jodi with a clientWe are pleased to have you here with us at PBiU, where we are committed to giving you the training and resources you need to help mothers have the happiest and healthiest postpartum recovery possible.

    Being a PBi Placenta Encapsulation Specialist® means that not only do you know how to prepare a placenta for a mother's postpartum recovery, but also that you are committed to learning all you can about human maternal placentophagy. Anyone can learn how to prepare a placenta - a PBi Specialist knows how to provide that quality service AND be a wealth of information in their community.

    On behalf of postpartum women around the world, we thank you for your commitment to their health and wellness.

    Getting to Know PBiU

    Please read through the information in this "course". It is set up in a similar fashion as all the courses we will offer you. If you're interested in continuing, please also enroll in the FAQ - Using PBiU course also found in this About PBiU section. That will give you the details you need to have a great experience with PBiU!