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  • Additional Resources

    There are many, many books we love and could recommend you read to further your education. These are just some of our favorites! (None of these are required for any of the coursework, just for your own use.)


    • Placenta: The Forgotten Chakra

      by Ibu Robin Lim

      Robin Lim's beautiful book, dubbed the 'Spiritual Midwifery for placenta lovers', is a must-have for your placenta education. Not only will you get a wonderful view into the spiritual connection between the mother, baby and placenta, but you will also support Ibu Robin's incredible work for women and babies in Indonesia.

      It is available for download in electronic format for just $11 USD, via their website.

    • Placenta: The Gift of Life

      by Cornelia Enning

      Cornelia Enning's book combines the experiences of midwives, doctors and naturopaths with our ancestors' traditions, and saves some old recipes from oblivion. Originally published in 2007, it continues to be a valuable resource among placenta practitioners today.

      You can purchase a copy from the publisher's website.

    • Listening to Your Hormones

      by Gillian Ford

      This book is incredible. It is packed full of information on the female system, and how hormones impact everything. If you want your mind blown, track down a copy and read it! We cite it generously in our Hormones course.

      For some reason it is out of print, but you can still find copies on Amazon.