Topic outline

  • Placenta Encapsulation Specialist® Training Course

    We offer several courses that give you a solid background and understanding of placenta encapsulation, and using placentophagy for postpartum wellness. 
    You can take them in order, or jump around and take whatever course interests you most.

    You can only access the Tutorials and Instructions module once all other modules are completed.

    • 1. Placentophagy - An Overview
      placenta capsules in hand

    • 2. The Placenta - Anatomy and Variations

      a placenta being held in gloved hands

      If you love placentas, you will love this Anatomy course! Lots of pictures and videos will help you learn what you will need to know to identify various placental variations and characteristics.

    • 3. TCM and the Placenta

      various herbs with a mortar and pestleTraditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has used dried placenta for centuries, as Zî hé chē or Placenta Hominis. This module explains the basic theories behind how placenta works according to TCM principles, and how we can apply these principles to our placenta encapsulation practice.

    • 4. TCM Principle: Insufficient Lactation

      herbs, with a mortar and pestle, and Mandarin writing

      In Traditional Chinese Medicine, one of the main conditions that Zî hé chē is meant to treat is insufficient lactation.

      In this module, you will learn how hormones work to induce (and inhibit) lactation, and how placentophagy can help boost these lactation promoters, both from a scientific and a TCM perspective.

    • 5. TCM Principle: Fatigue
      herbs and flowers with a mortar and pestle

      In Traditional Chinese Medicine, one of the main conditions that Zî hé chē is meant to treat is fatigue.

      In this module, you will learn how low blood supply, anemia and fatigue are linked. You will also learn how placenta can be helpful to postpartum women in restoring their iron levels, both from a scientific and a TCM perspective.

    • 6. Hormones
      illustration of the brain with lights (hormones) within

      This module is going to be really intense, from a research perspective. If you're a research junkie, you're going to love it! If you hate reading research articles... well, it will take some extra time to get through it. Do NOT try to rush through this one! 

      Understanding how our hormones are intricately connected to our mental health, and the development of mood disorders, will help you care for your clients as they recover from a major hormonal upheaval during their postpartum period.

    • 7. Using Placenta - Practical Considerations

      stay safe - safe handling is required

      Please take this one AFTER you've completed all the previous courses.

      Why do I have to wait?

      This one is meant to get you set up for the final Tutorials module. That is where you will learn all the hands-on, "fun with placentas" stuff. So I need to make sure you've read through all the "factual" stuff first.

      Therefore, this course will only be marked complete once the following has all occurred:

      1. Successful completion of ALL the other modules listed above (indicated by receiving a course completion badge from all the other courses);
      2. Successful completion of the review quiz in this module;
      3. AND successful completion of the big, Final Exam at the end.

      So, it really is best to go through the other modules first, before delving into this safe handling module.

      What's the big deal?

      You CAN go through it out of order, but you'll just have to come back here to take the final exam. And if you can't finish all of them in 2 weeks, you'll be automatically unenrolled. And then you'll have to email us, and tell us that you jumped ahead to this module anyway, and that you couldn't finish all 7 of them in 2 weeks, and now you've been locked out, and ask us really nicely to give you access again. And then we'll have to add you back manually, and charge a $20 reinstatement fee to give you access to the courses again. Which is all a big, avoidable pain in the rear. So let's just skip that part, and do the other ones first!

    • 8. Tutorials and Instructions

      Take this one last!
      The other seven (7) courses are prerequisites for enrollment in this course. At the end of this course, you will be given your Certificate of Completion, commemorating your new status as a Placenta Encapsulation Specialist®.

      jar of capsules, bottle of tincture, and dried umbilical heart

      The Tutorials Course has instructions and video tutorials for creating placenta wellness products, plus additional service offerings you may want to offer your clients.