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    This section will help you have a great experience with PBiU! Please read it carefully, because it will help avoid potential frustration in the future.



    • Important Communication Settings

      We will send important notices from within the course site. Please add these email addresses to your contacts and make sure they do not go to spam. You will miss out on important time-sensitive communications if you don't!

      • PBiU Site Admin:
      • Course Administrator:
    • Enrollment Points to Consider

      Each of the 8 courses in the Placenta Training Course are currently available at the insanely low price of $40. This is set to increase slightly once we implement everybody's feedback, but for right now, it's $40.

      Enrollment Duration

      Once you click on the enrollment and pay for the course, you will be enrolled in that course for just two weeks. We have to unenroll you at some point, otherwise our courses would become very slow and unwieldly as people continue to sign up and nobody ever leaves. And we want the students who enroll 6 months from now to have the same great experience you will!

      What happens if I can't finish in 2 weeks?

      This is why you should only enroll in one course module at a time. You should be able to finish it in that amount of time; the more courses you add on, the harder it can be. 

      If you enroll in a course and can not finish it in 2 weeks, we will have to give you access again manually. You won't have to pay full price again, but since we're charging so little for each one, we will need to charge a $20 re-enrollment fee. Please do your best to finish in those 2 weeks.

      How do I get more time?

    • Technical Specifications

      Please be sure you are using the latest version of Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer for this site. We can not guarantee your computer setup will work with Mac OS, iPhones, Safari etc, or old versions of browsers.

      What browser do I have?

      Without the latest browser, you will likely experience problems with:

      • Viewing course videos
      • Listening to audio presentations
      • Viewing image galleries (not supported on Mac)
      • Taking quizzes

      If you proceed with an outdated setup, will NOT be able to help you work through your issues to get the course to work properly for you. Please make sure you have your computer set up in such a way that you can successfully complete the course before you begin.

      We suggest you download the latest version of Mozilla Firefox for best results.

    • Required Software on Your Computer

      Although this site prepares the media files to be played in the browser, the actual playback is handled by various types of browser plug-in software, primarily Adobe Flash, Quicktime, Windows Media Player and Real Player. If you do not have these installed you may be prompted to go and install them by your browser. These pieces of software are generally free, easily installed and widely used so you probably already have what you need to run this course. But please install those plugins if prompted by your browser.

    • Language Settings

      If you see that the word "enroll" is being spelled as "enrol", and you find it annoying, then set the site language preference to US English. Click your profile picture in the upper right corner, then Edit Profile. Partway down the screen will be Preferred Language Setting. Switch this to "English - US" and it will switch back to enroll, enrollment, etc.


      Testing your video capabilities

      If you can view and play the test video, you're all set!


      If you only see text saying barsandtone.flv, please download and install Flash on your computer, so you can view the instructional videos available throughout the course.

      If you see a blank grey box, please see the Technical Difficulties section below.

    • Testing your sound capabilities

      If you can view and play the test sound, you're all set!


      If you can not hear the test heartbeat sound, please see the Technical Difficulties section below.


      Technical Difficulties

      This course uses formats that are universally accepted across the internet. The videos in the course are either hosted on YouTube, or are developed by PBiU and in the MP4 format. The audio interviews are in MP3 format. If you can not view MP4 video files or listen to MP3 audio files on your computer, you will not be able to successfully utilize all of the course materials.

    • If you get a blank grey box where a video should be, this tutorial demonstrates how to change your browser settings to allow the video to play.

      If you can't listen to the audio files, following these steps will help you.

    • Email Settings

      You will be required to participate in the forums in each module. The Course Administrator will post a question each week, and you'll need to respond to at least one, and receive a grade from her in order for that activity to be marked "complete". Depending on the settings in your profile, you may receive emails from the forum. This video will show you how to change your settings.

      How to change your email settings


      Completing the Course

      Before you can unlock the Tutorials module, you will need to successfully:

      • Complete all of the first 6 modules with a passing score of 80% or better.
      • Complete the 7th module with a passing score of 80% or better, AND
      • Complete the Final Exam contained at the end of that module.

      Then you can access the Tutorials module and see how to prepare a placenta, and use the dried placenta in a variety of healing modalities.

      Once you view all of the tutorials and submit feedback, you can print out a Completion document which you can use to show others that you are a Placenta Rock Star! (Technically, it says Placenta Encapsulation Specialist, but we know what it really means.)

      Then the Course Administrator sends an email to the PBi Start-Up Team. Your Training Manual and DVD will be mailed to you, and you will be contacted by the PBi Program Coordinator to help with a smooth transition into your services business, or to see about becoming a PBi Member (which has all kinds of fabulous benefits)!

      She will answer any questions you have about membership options, benefits of the PBi Network, getting started as a Specialist, connecting you with the PBi Specialist Liaison and other staff members who can help you get set up with websites, email, and all the other goodies we can give you.

      We can also make sure you get all the information about PBi Certification.

    • Plagiarism

      We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding plagiarism. If we find that you have copied the answers or cheated on your coursework in any way:

      • You will be removed from the course(s) immediately
      • You will be blocked from completing the course
      • You will not be given a refund for your training costs
      • You will not be eligible for PBi Certification or PBi membership

      PLEASE, do your own work. This course was developed for you to learn about placentophagy. It may be "the most difficult course out there", but getting through it will make you the best in your field.